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Enterprise Procurement Automation System

Seamlessly connect employees, procurement, finance and vendors. Bring efficiency, speed and transparency. Control budgets. Make informed decisions. Get best products at best terms.

CartIQ covers the entire procurement processes in eight simple steps. This includes payment tracking.

Procurement Process

Purchase Request

PR is a lightweight web-form. Catalogues can be used to simplify selection of frequently procured items

PR Approval

Configurable approval processes and multi level web forms with different access rights. Mobile access.

Request Quote

Choose vendors to send RFQ. On submission of request, mail will be sent automatically to all selected vemdors


Vendor submits proposal through CartIQ. Submitted information is displayed as comparison statement

Vendor Selection

Negotiations with configurable reverse auction helps in securing best terms and cost savings

Purchase Order

After multi-level approval, purchase order can be generated. Electronic copy goes to vendor


Form GRN captures details of goods recieved. This data helps in making payments and analysing the vendor


Payment is tracked with the PO value and GRN data. Based on data, decisions like fore closure can be taken


CartIQ is one of the oldest PAS (Procurement Automation System) with our first installation in nineties. This product is the evolution of over ten thousand man hours with feedbacks from some of the best asset managers from Global MNCs.


For mobility, CartIQ uses responsive web technologies to optimise view in mobiile phones, tablets and large screen computers


Java in three tier architecture is one of the best for web security. Along with role based access, CartIQ is highly secure in the web


CartIQ can scale elastically with increase in user base and volume of transaction. Hardware and server upgrades scale performance


CartIQ has simple screens to configure hierarchies and approval workflows resulting in reduction of implementation efforts and time 

CATALOGUES unleash the power of in-time procurement to the entire workforce of an organisation. Access to items and quantity can be controlled groupwise.



Catalogue List

Frequently procured items are negotiated and listed in a simple catalogue with blanquet PO


User Limits

Users can access items belonging to their department and directly place order with configured limit



Simplifies and speeds procurement. Avoids unnessary stock. Items like consumables can be dispatched directly

VENDORS are linked online reducing cycle time. They can fill rates and terms. They can upload quotes. This reduces load on the procurement department.


Intimation - Alerts

Vendors are intimated by mail on RFQs, auctions, deliveries and payments

Proposal - RFQ Response

Vendors can respond to RFQs by uploading their proposals and filling a simple web form


Vendors can participate in auctions. Their standing rank is displayed based on which they can bid


Vendor module can be firewalled. All documents uploaded can be scanned

Vendor Evaluation

Vendors can upload documents necessary for evaluation. Auditors across the Globe can assess these and approve empanellment or extension

CartIQ has provision to open auction for chosen vendors. Vendors can log into the system during a specific window and see their standing for specific RFQs. They can then change the price or term to improve their rank. The system automatically refreshes to show the fresh rank.



Choose the RFQ for which auction has to be scheduled. Choose vendors who will participate in the auction. Finally, select the time window and date on which auction happens. This detail will be mailed automatically to each chosen vendor.


Vendors will receive a new link in their login. Clicking the link will take them to the auction screen. During the auction window, they will be able to alter the value or terms of the proposal previously submitted by them.


During the auction window, the system automatically refreshes the auction screen to display live ranking of each vendor. This helps them in altering their price to acheive better ranking.


AT the close of vendor auction, the system automatically redraws the comparison chart with the new price and terms each vendor submitted during the auction. Auction history also can be displayed for detailed analysis of the participation pattern.


Three tier architure with secured data-flow between applications.

ERP Systems

CartIQ can seamlessly connect with ERP applications like SAP and Oracle. Multiple technologies like BAPI, Web Services and DB View are supported 

Single Sign-On

For ease of logging into the system, CartIQ can be integrated with LDAP, Active Directory and Google OAUTH.Users can login without typing password each time


Multiple helpdesk applications can be integrated with CartIQ. Once the assets are procured, helpdesk can inport data from CartIQ so that users can raise support tickets if needed

HR Systems

CartIQ can connect with HR systems like Peoplesoft to get user and employee data. The administrator enable login and assign roles based on department and designation 

More Benefits

Browser based. Simple. Secure. Seprate firewalled connection for vendors


Make informed decisions

Lack of accurate information means lack of transparency and inability to manage risks. If you know what you’ve got, what it is being used for, how much its worth and what its costing you, then you are in a position to anticipate, weigh up options, and proactively make informed business decisions based on real information. 


Simple Process

Online vendor data upload and approval processes in CartIQ simplify vendor empanelment.
Catalogue of products facilitate choosing products quickly. It reduces procurement cycle time. Vendor auctions get the best for your Organisation.


Data Exchange

Procurement data can be shared with most standard applications like SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft. This information exchange helps in achieveing better transparency 



Stake holders from across the Globe from different geographies can interact seamlessly. 


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